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Portugal Exportador 2014

Indice shares its experience in Poland in Portugal Exportador 2014

Indice Group’s relevance and experience in Internationalization area was the main contributor for its participation in the Portugal Exportador 2014 conference, in the last 19th November, where the company had the opportunity to share its knowledge and experience in the Polish market, where the group is since 2008.

In its 9th edition, Portugal Exportador is being considered as a reference event on a national level, attracting new entrepreneurs from several sectors and becoming an important source of information and networking.

Indice has offices in Warsaw since 2008, where it created a network and acquired essential knowledge to be well-succeeded. Poland has over 38 million habitants and a grown economy, which makes of this market full of opportunities for the Portuguese companies. 

Being a witness of polish market potentialities, Indice supports SME internationalization toward Poland with complete and innovative services. Internationalization is a challenge that Indice team supports, follows up and solves.     

In a time when company’s internationalization is a key factor in the positioning of the country as a global player, it is increasingly more important that Portuguese entrepreneurs join in sharing experiences and best practices about external markets and adventure themselves in the exploration of potentialities offered by them.

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