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Indice reached more than 31 million euros of approved incentive for its clients during QREN 2007-2014

With a number superior to 700 projects carried out during the last QREN period from 2007 to 2014, Indice ICT & Management is proud to announce the approval of more than 31 million euros of incentive for its clients in the last Community Framework. We gathered more than 1500 new clients during this period and, thanks to our projects, we allowed the certification of 116 organizations.

Indice worked in 34 different typologies and continued to diversify its portfolio of services. Indice Team offers innovative projects of great quality in Environment, Energy Efficiency, Internationalization, Training in different areas, Quality, Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Design & Multimedia, and still develops ICT solutions tailored to the needs of its customers.

With regards to the opening of the new Community framework, Indice is now ready to keep going on carrying out applications and developing projects of great added value for its clients, ongoing its culture for continuous improving oriented for the satisfaction of its clients.

We can help you to improve the competitiveness of your organization with innovative projects in several areas, assuring the best funding in the new Community Framework Portugal 2020.

Contact our offices for more information regarding our services.

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