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Turkey - Business Mission ()

On December we participated in a business mission: Turkey. The promotion on external markets, partners identifcation, and conduct business is a continuous process of our strategy.

Global - 1st International Meeting 2010 ()

On October 2010, the 1st international meeting of the INDICE Group was held in Portugal.

Global - Team INDICE Group ()

On December 2010, the Team INDICE Group surpassed the number 175.

Romania - Social Economy ()

INDICE will undertake a project in the area of ​​Social Economy, in partnership with the City of Videle that involve 1000 unemployed.

Poland - ICT ()

The Software Management INQ.Net is implemented in the chamber of commerce Poland Portugal (PPCC) in Warsaw.

Portugal - ICT and Management systems ()


INDICE launches Network Projects with the scope of Management Systems and ICTs,

involving 6 Associations and 85 SMEs.


Poland - Project with Universidade aberta ()

The projects are being carried out in Warsaw and Plock, in the areas of Quality Management Strategy Management and Post graduation in Management.

Poland - Project with PODN ()

In the region of Mazowieckie INDICE is leading the largest project aimed at teachers in continuous improvement of knowledge, involving 1020 students.

Angola - ICT and management systems ()

INDICE began in April 2010 a project to implement a Quality Management System and software on a Central Authority for Public Administration.

Romania - Internship management software ()

The training management software INQ.Net is implemented in Romania with the purpose of managing 2350 national trainings by a Romanian Industrial Association (ACEPRO) in partnership with the  Polytechnic University of...

Portugal - Local public administration ()

Currently more than 100 of the 308 municipalities are our customers.

To be International Seminar (25.Maio.2012)

Held on May 25, 2012, with the theme internationalization and access to foreign markets, this was attended by several SMEs, as well as associations and companies to support internationalization.

Internationalization (28.Julho.2011)

INDICE promotes internacionalization projects directed to SMEs.


It aims to raise awareness and capacity building of SMEs towards the internationalization of its products and services, from a logic of cooperation...

Visit with the President of Portugal (28.Julho.2011)

INDICE has participated in the business mission accompanying the president of the Portuguese Republic, the visit to Angola in July 2010.

Upgrade XXI (02.Maio.2012)

Get to know our new services in a better way. Develop your enterprise identity raised from a strong concept


Energetic Efficiency Projects (15.Maio.2012)

INDICE promotes projects that are aimed at SMEs, in order to help organizations establish systems and processes necessary to improve energy efficiency.

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